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So, you’ve met someone new and they told you they were Taurus? And now you’re afraid of dealing with them cause you’ve heard the sentence – like a red rag to the bull?

You shouldn’t be! We assure you that they have so many traits that you’re gonna love. Wanna know more about it? Read the article below!

Beauty and Quality

The ruling planet of this zodiac sign is Venus. Named by the Roman goddess of love and beauty, this planet brings affinity for beautiful things and love towards beautiful people.

If sometime a Taurean invites you to dinner at their home, you’ll see walls covered with lovely paintings, some classic music will play softly in the background, and maybe you’ll even eat with golden cutlery. We’re sure you’re gonna like that, but you’re gonna like their warm and pleasant company as well.

Taureans have a native love for esthetics and a good taste in everything, and they owe it all to Venus. They want all of their senses to be satisfied, not only when it comes to art, but also to any other thing in life. They love to taste some good food or feel the touch of pure silk.

Venus as a ruling planet brings productivity and ability for Taureans to make their dreams about a comfortable life come true. However, it’s not only material things Taureans seek. They are very generous and affectionate and adore to be around people. They have a lot of fun and love to share, and that’s why everyone who knows them enjoys their company so much.

Family Type

Taurus is an earth zodiac sing. Therefore, it’s no surprise they are realistic and practical people. You won’t ever catch a Taurean daydreaming and losing their precious time thinking about some romantic scenarios. They don’t live in the clouds, they have their both feet on the solid ground instead. Imagination won’t bring you comfort and luxury, but hard work sure will.

However, Taureans don’t want that comfortable life only for themselves. Their main goal is to have a big happy family. Earning some good money is important because their loved ones will enjoy it. They are born providers and head of the family, no matter male or female. Watching their partner and kids living their best life will fill their heart with overwhelming joy. They will feel proud of themselves and know that they’ve done a good thing.

Taureans are very emotional creatures deep inside. They can easily fall in love, get sad, or feel happiness overflow. It’s just they don’t show it. Thanks to the earth element in their zodiac sign, they know perfectly how to hide and control their emotions. At least until it comes to anger. In that case, they can turn to fury.

It is true, Taureans have a bit bad temper when they get mad. Besides, they can be stubborn as hell. Days can pass without them saying a word to you. But it’s just because they’re hurt somewhere deep within. So, try to be gentle and don’t hesitate to say you’re sorry. Soon after, they’ll be the same loving Taurus.

Decisive and Focused

Well, their stubbornness is not coming from nowhere – Taurus is a fixed zodiac sign. When it comes to fixed signs, it is their way or nothing at all. Taureans are not any different.

Once they decide they want something, they must get it no matter what. And they decide very fast and without any difficulties because they always have a clear goal in front of their eyes. Furthermore, on their way to success they are very dedicated and stable. No winds can interrupt their focus. They’ll make it to the end like a pro.

Fixed signs don’t like unpredicted changes in any sphere of their life. They prefer it to be calm and smooth and are not afraid of routine at all. Realizing that life is not always a quiet sea, but often stormy waves can make Taureans a little bit anxious. Therefore, they find it hard to get comfortable with knowing that life simply can’t be predictable and that things happen even if we didn’t plan them to.

Emperors’ Stone

In case you didn’t know, birthstones are very important for each zodiac sign. These are precious stones that connect deeply with the inner energy of the person who wears them, so they can help them improve in many fields of their life. The main birthstone for the Taurus zodiac sign is emerald.

Emerald was a symbol of wealth, luxury, and power centuries ago, and it still is even nowadays. The greatest emperors of the world wore it and admired its beautiful royal green color. Green is also a color of nature, and Taureans love nature. Nature brings calm and peace, and that’s exactly what Taureans need when they feel anxious or angry. Thanks to emerald’s energy, they can easily find their peace of mind.

Besides, emerald is a planetary stone for the Taurus zodiac sing, and that means it is connected deeply whit Venus’ energy. Venus brings love and affection, and then Taureans can spread it all over their loved ones. That leads to much closer and successful relationships with other people, which is very important to emotional Taurus.

There are also other gemstones that are significant for the Taurus zodiac sign, such as sapphire, amber, coral, rose quartz, turquoise. As we already mentioned, its planetary stone is emerald itself, beside aventurine, while garnet is considered to be its talismanic stone.

Love Life

We simply can’t bypass Venus as a ruling planet when talking about Taureans’ love life. They owe their strong feelings for their loved ones to it. If you want a partner for life who will love you even if the sky falls, choose a Taurean. They are probably the most loyal and faithful among all zodiac signs.

However, if you want someone who tells you they love you every five minutes, a Taurean wouldn’t be the best choice for you. Taureans love to the bones, but they don’t express their love through words. Acts, not words – this is their device. But you should know that actions speak much louder than words.

Taureans are very passionate, but can also be very jealous. They will love so much that they’ll feel the fear of losing you non-stop. It’s just they can’t imagine their life without you because you are their world. Therefore, Taureans will give their heart and soul to make you the happiest person on the planet, so that you would never ever think of loving someone else but them. Your happiness is their happiness.

Business Relationships

If you get a Taurean as an employee, you’ll make the right choice. As a fixed sign, Taureans are dedicated to anything they do, so you can be sure they’ll successfully finish any project by the deadline. They work for money and to provide for their family, so they won’t leave the office until everything’s done.

As an employer, Taureans can be very fun and pleasant to work with. However, if you mess something up, you’ll feel the anger of the bull on your skin. So, you better focus and try to do your best.


Well, you were right, Taureans can be a bit bitter when angry, but we didn’t want to scare you at the very beginning. However, it still is nothing you should worry about. Give them your love and apology and everything will be perfectly fine.

So, go ahead, get to know that Taurean deeper. It surely will be a great experience.

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