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If you’re a Scorpio, you’re probably sick and tired of people thinking that you’re a dangerous and cruel person just because a venomous arthropod is the symbol of your zodiac sign. Don’t worry, we know that you’re actually a gentle soul hidden in a rocky shell. But when it comes to other people who have prejudices about you – show them this article and they’ll get to know the real you.

Different Worlds

First of all, Scorpios are very complex people. That’s because this zodiac sign has got not one, but two ruling planets completely different by nature. The first one is Mars, the protector of brave warriors, and the second one is Pluto, the planet of subconscious and transcendence.

In Roman mythology, Mars was the god of wars, which means Scorpios have fight in their veins. Mars brings courage, action, ambition, passion. Therefore, it’s like Scorpios are destined to be successful in anything they do. They’ve got fire in their soul. It’s never about material for them. It is faith in something beyond superficial that makes them run for the stars.

On the other hand, there’s Pluto, bringing Scorpios a bit of darkness and cold. Pluto was the god of the underworld, the world where the dead belong. It is believed that Pluto as the ruling planet brings what has left from our past lives and represents what is hidden somewhere deep inside. According to all of that, Scorpios love mystery and are very mysterious themselves. They live in an empire behind high walls and closed doors. Although sometimes it can be very cold in there, there is always peace and quiet.

So, Scorpios are fire and ice, energy and lethargy, sincerity and mystery. It’s like two persons living in one body trying not to fight.


Scorpio is a water sign, so how could you even think they are cold blood queens? Where there’s water, there are emotions. It’s just Scorpios don’t know exactly how to show them. Other water signs, Cancer or Pisces, they cry out loud whenever they feel like crying. They would throw a tantrum and forget about the world around them.

You’ve never seen a Scorpio crying, so you think they don’t do that. You think they don’t have feelings just because they’re not drama queens. But trust me, what you see is only the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, Scorpios are really sensitive. They can easily get hurt, and keep getting hurt because they don’t know how to tell people they’re hurting them. I know, it sounds a bit complicated. Well, Scorpios are complex creatures, we told you that.

Scorpios will sit alone behind closed doors and suffer in silence, but when someone comes around they’ll put their Mona Lisa smile back on their face. They may want to hug you and kiss you and tell you how much they missed you while you were not around, but instead, they will coldly shake your hand and say – How do you do? As a consequence, no one will know how much love they have to offer.

Fixed and Stable

Another reason why it seems like nothing’s going on under the surface when it comes to Scorpios is that they are a fixed zodiac sign. They have both feet on the ground, and, no matter what happens in their lives, they keep fighting for their goals. From time to time, they lose themselves somewhere in the clouds but never forget to come back down to earth and go on with their realistic life.

In addition, Scorpios are very persisting and can be very assertive when needed. They are also very stubborn. Don’t try to argue with them, they are always right. They are born winners, you should know that. They will win every fight and every battle.

It is well known that fixed sings don’t like changes. Scorpios are not any different. They like their surrounding to be safe and familiar. Therefore, they usually have a small circle of people around them, but very well selected. Also, they are people who live their life by plan, so any unpredicted circumstances are not welcomed. It’s plan A or nothing at all.

Shining Stone

The birthstone for Scorpio zodiac sign is topaz. By the way, in case you didn’t know, birthstones are precious stones that are very important for each zodiac sign. They connect deeply with a person’s inner energy and can help a lot to do well in any sphere of life.

Topaz is so helpful stone when it comes to Scorpios. Its energy is very calming, so it can reduce any kind of tension and emotional discomfort within these sensitive people. Also, it helps Scorpios to express their feelings much openly, which leads to a peaceful mind and soul for them, as well as better relationships with other people.

Beside topaz, there are more gemstones that are important for the Scorpio zodiac sign, such as beryl, apache tear, aquamarine, coral, and obsidian. Its planetary stones are garnet and ruby, while amethyst is considered to be its talismanic stone.

Love Life

If you thought Scorpios were coldblooded and emotionless, you probably also thought they can’t love anybody. Oh, you were so wrong! Scorpios are such affectionate and caring people. And of course they can fall in love! But not only that – they are the ones who love the most, the ones who love for life.

It is true, it’s not so easy for people to break down their walls. Actually, it’s not easy at all. It’s not easy to seduce them also. They are the ones who win everybody’s heart, thanks to their magnetic energy. However, if you meet all their extremely high criteria, they’ll give you a chance to enter their empire. You would be crazy if you waste it.

Scorpios love like no one else – till death. While being in a relationship with a Scorpio, you’ll get to know what true love is. Not only they will be the most passionate partner you’ve ever had, but they will also be a true friend to you. They’ll be by your side when you need them to, always loving and warm. A Scorpio will never cheat on you, or let you down, you can bet on it.

Yes, a Scorpio will let you discover their gentle side if they feel love for you. But don’t take advantage of it and don’t hurt their sensitive feelings. If you do, you’ll find out what it’s like when a Scorpio hates you from the bottom of their heart. Well, let’s say it wouldn’t be a pleasant feeling.

Business Relationships

Scorpios are very intelligent people. Besides, they are ambitious and very hard-working. They know what they want and they don’t stop till they succeed. Therefore, if they want to be a rich boss, they’ll become a rich boss.

However, money is not always what inspires Scorpios to work. They would prefer working on something they love over doing something boring for a good payment. So, if your employer is a Scorpio, you don’t need to worry. They will do a quality job in a short time because they love and enjoy what they’re doing.


Now, have you changed your mind? Of course you have! Therefore, next time you meet a Scorpio, put all the myths aside. Try hard to break down their walls and get to know them deeply. We assure you that you’re gonna love them, and they’re gonna love you too. To the bones, cause that’s how a Scorpio loves.

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