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We all know how frustrating dealing with Gemini people can be. There’s no two of you, there’s three of you. Bet you just thought of your lover who’s playing mind games with you or your best friend that breaks almost every deal you make cause he doesn’t feel that way an hour later. You always try to understand them, but they’re still a mystery for you. Well, read our article about these unique people and you’ll be ready to read them like an open book!

Unstable Planet

The very first thing that could help you understand a Gemini’s behavior is the fact that the planet which rules this zodiac sign is Mercury. If you’re at least a bit interested in astrology, you probably know that Mercury is the planet with the most unstable course in its orbit. Once in awhile, it seems like it’s going backward, and that’s the time when some negative changes in people’s lives can happen.

Know that you found out that Mercury is the ruler planet of Gemini zodiac sign, you can probably get it why there are so much indecisiveness and opinion and mood changes when it comes to this Gemini who makes you go crazy. Also, this unpredictable planet, as well as the name of this zodiac sign itself, refers to the divided nature of Gemini people. Not in bad connotation, they simply don’t know what they truly want, because they want so many things.

Undoubtedly, that has to do with Mercury’s influence too. Mercury in Roman mythology is a god of travelers, the most curious type of people. According to that, Gemini people want to know everything about anything. They just can’t stay in place and they use to pay their attention to so many different things at the same moment. So, instead of losing your mind over a Gemini, better pack your bags and offer them a country trip for the weekend. There’s no way they’ll leave you waiting!

Forever Examiners

Exploring the world around them is the essence of life for Gemini people. They are very intelligent and insightful. When it comes to something they’re interested in, they can keep asking questions in an eternal circle like a little child thirsty for knowledge. They are excellent observers and tireless thinkers, and all that thanks to the Air element in their zodiac sign.

The Air element is always related to the imaginative world of ideas. And Gemini people have their own empire there. Not only that they are the ones with the unstoppable power of thinking, but they are also people who can put all their thoughts into words easily and smoothly. Therefore, they have a native ability to persuade anybody to believe whatever they want them to believe. A Gemini can make a thirsty man cross the river.

Wind of Change

Gemini is a mutable zodiac sign. Wow, how strange, isn’t it? By the time Gemini people are born, the spring is over and the summer comes – the seasons are changing. This is so symbolic, having in mind that ’changing’ is every Gemini’s middle name.

Along with their tendencies to easily change their mind, comes the ability to easily adapt to the changes in their environment. As it’s said, you could put them into a pack of wolves, and they’ll come out as the pack leader. These are not persons to fight against the world, these are people who understand the way the world functions and try to live by the rules.

Furthermore, changes and adapting to changes represent a kind of challenge to them. And they are happy about it since they know they’ll complete it successfully. In conclusion, they love changes because changes make the world goes around.

The Stone of Luxury

Birthstones are very important for each zodiac sign. These are precious stones deeply connected with a person’s energy and as such, they can help them to get better in life. Gemini’s birthstone is the luxurious pearl. Pearl symbolizes duality, so it’s no surprise that this gemstone represents always divided Gemini.

It is a wonder of nature that such a meaningless thing as a single piece of send can turn into such a beautiful shiny precious stone. Nothing is more similar to the unique changing nature of Gemini people. Therefore, the pearl energy can bring to them a needed balance in life, making a perfect equilibrium. That leads to Gemini people finding peace within themselves, but also in relationships with other people.

Beside pearl, other precious stones can relate to Gemini’s energy, such as agate, citrine, chrysoprase, moonstone, and white sapphire. Gemini’s planetary stone is the tiger’s eye, and emerald is considered to be its talismanic stone.

Love Life

If you fell in love with a Gemini, we can only wish you good luck, you’ll surely need it. These people are one of the greatest heart-breakers in the world. But we don’t blame you for loving them. They have a really interesting personality, and flirt is like their profession. Gemini people, either women or men, can seduce you in the blink of an eye. Their sweet-talking is so easy to believe in.

Unfortunately, behind that, usually, there’s not any intention for a real commitment at all. They are love birds who enjoy their free-flying from tree to tree. Love affairs – yes, why not. Long-term relationships – no, thanks. Bringing a label to your relationship makes them lose their freedom. A Gemini doesn’t like being on the leash.

We didn’t mean to scare you, but you needed to know this ugly truth. However, despite all of that, you don’t need to lose hope. If a Gemini really and deeply likes you as a person, they would be ready to settle down, believe it or not. You just have to meet all their criteria.

When it comes to choosing their long-term partner, a Gemini will look for the most similar person to them. That means you have to be equally intelligent, interesting, curious, adventurous, passionate… well, the list could go on and on. In fact, whomever they choose, there will always be the other side of them that still somehow isn’t completely satisfied. Remember, there’s no two of you, but three of you. As we said, good luck loving them.

Business Relationships

When it comes to business stuff, a Gemini’s duality comes to light once again. They can be a perfect employer that will always run to you with some new, modern ideas and original solutions. Any task would be a challenge to them and trying to solve the problem such a pleasure. They are born explorers. However, in another case, they can easily get bored if the job they’re doing is not interesting enough and leave their office without being productive at all.

To be an employee would probably be a better option, as they can be in charge of things and choose what and when they’re gonna do. One day they will be nice and kind to their workers and let them all go home earlier. The other day they will be a nervous tormentor and all the employers gonna hate them. That’s a Gemini in a nutshell, a divided soul.


To summarize – you need iron nerves if you’re dealing with a Gemini. But we hope you understand them better now. It’s not their fault they are the way they are. It’s all written in the stars.

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