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We all heard about the sentence “stubborn as a ram”. Well, it ain’t a coincidence that the symbolic animal for Arias zodiac sign is a horned ram. Yes, they can sometimes be stubborn as hell. However, that is not the only thing that defines them. Continue reading our article and you’ll get to know Arians much better!

The Red Planet

Firstly, it is very important to highlight the fact that the Aries zodiac sign is ruled by Mars. If you know any of the Romanian mythology, you’ll immediately think of the god of war. Having that in mind, you shouldn’t be surprised by the strong and battalious energy Arians have in their bones. Inside every Arian, there’s a warrior that will never surrender.

Mars, as a dominant planet for Aries, brings action, ambition, power, and iron will. Furthermore, Mars symbolizes animal instincts and strong sexual energy. As a result, Arians are very passionate and impulsive persons. They will let their heart lead in almost every decision they make in life. And they won’t think twice.

Burning in Flames

When it comes to elementary, Aries is a fire sign. That’s exactly who Arians are – the fire that burns eternally. They are creative, lifeful, and very sociative. Just like fire in the cold, they’ll warm up every room they enter. The energy they bring is amazing, and they capture everyone’s attention wherever they go. There’s something in the way they shine. If you have noticed a person talking and making a bunch of people around them laughing, you can bet they’re an Arian.

The fire that burns inside of an Arian can’t be put out so easily. In fact, sometimes that’s just impossible. Arians are one of the most confident and self-assured persons among zodiac signs. They are always right, no matter how many times you’re trying to convince them the opposite. Therefore, they have a very controlling and bossy character. Arian won’t ask you for any advice or opinion. They’ll do it the way they planned to do it.

Flames are always unpredictable, and so are Arians. Due to that, you must be very careful if you’re dealing with them. You may say or do some little thing, and they’ll burn at the speed of light. But the good news is that you won’t have to wait for long till they come happily to you and forgive you for everything.

Apostle of Spring

Aries is a cardinal zodiac sign, beside Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. This is the first cardinal sign in the yearly zodiac cycle. Aries people are born between the 21st of March and the 21st of April. Together with Arians coming to the world, comes the spring too. Therefore, Arians are apostles of the new season. In the spring, everything in nature starts changing and coming back to life.

This is not a coincidence, that’s for sure. Arians bring changes with them when it comes to any part of their life. Their confidence and willingness to do anything they want just can’t pass without any consequences. In addition, the energy that burns inside of them is so strong and moving that they simply can’t sit with their hands crossed. Action is their middle name.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

It is believed that zodiac birthstones are very important for a person’s zodiac sign. Birthstones are usually associated with the month of someone’s birth and are deeply connected with their energy. Well, according to their birthstone, Aries are some kind of favourites to the universe – it’s a diamond itself.

There’s no precious stone that shines brighter than diamond, and there is none harder to mold either. No surprise it is associated with Aries, right? We can’t think of any other zodiac signs more unlikely to obey. Also, the diamond symbolizes the inner strength all Arians possess and their unbreakable confidence and will to succeed. On their way through life, they will keep walking up straight and shining bright like a diamond.

Other precious stones that can be associated with Aries zodiac sign are bloodstone and aquamarine. Jasper is their planetary stone, and topaz is considered to be their talismanic stone.

Love Life

It is perfectly understandable why an Arian attracted you. Their personality is unique and hard to resist. But if you would like to be in a happy and life-time relationship with an Arian, there’s a couple of things you should know. Keep reading, and you’ll be ready for the adventure of your lifetime, which loving these stubborn romantics for sure is.

First, you must be a very lifeful and sensual person to attract an Arian. And to keep them by your side, you definitely need to put some more effort. Arians can very easily fall in love with you, but also with someone else. That’s just what their nature is. They are hopeless romantics, with tendencies to idealize everyone and everything. It’s their heart who they listen to, not their brains.

However, you don’t need to lose your fate. All you have to do to keep an Arian love you till the end of time is to give them your love and trust unconditionally. Plus, always remember to revive their romantic feelings for you. They need to fall in love with you again and again. Don’t forget those little things that mean much more than we usually think. Bring them some flowers, make them their favourite meal, kiss them in the sunset, and watch your Arian smiling from ear to ear and loving you more than anybody.

Yes, Arians are so easy to fall in love with, but sometimes, their character can cause some unpleasant behaviour. As we already said, they can be very stubborn and not always ready to compromise. They will think they’re right even if it’s not the case. You may try to argue with them, but that will probably only lead to more problems.

Many people would give it up at this point, but we assure you that you shouldn’t. Arians need a kind and polite approach if you want your issue to be solved. Also, you will have to step back many times even though you may be right. But, remember – in love, it is not about pride or who is right; it’s about understanding the person you love and knowing that the most important thing of all is your mutual happiness.

Business Relationships

When it comes to business, Aries may not be the best choice for an employee. They would be dedicated and hard-working, that’s for sure. Even the birds on the tree know that Arian’s will to do something is unstoppable. They are workaholics and hate laziness. So, if they like the task you’ve given to them, they won’t rest until they manage to make your wishes come true.

However, if they don’t, better start looking for another employee. They will not hesitate to risk their job telling you they don’t agree with you. Remember, they know best and they can’t stand your authority.

On the other hand, the fact that they are born leaders and respect no other authority but their own means that an Arian could be a great boss. Actually, the perfect one – the one who wants their employers to show some good work, and also the one who will make everybody laugh and feel precious.


Time to summarize. Aries is the zodiac sign that opens the zodiac cycle. In life, they are also the ones who will take the lead and make the changes. They are apostles of spring, and if you know at least one Arian, we are sure you will agree that they can be like the warm sun after long winter. Sometimes, the sun may hide behind clouds and they’ll show you their dark side, but nothing you can’t handle.

Understand them, and love them, they are diamonds of the zodiac.

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