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When we say Cancer, who’s the first person that comes to your mind? Probably your sensitive empathic friend that cries over every little thing, from a laundry detergent commercial to the sad movie ending scene. It sometimes may annoy you, but you should take some time and try to understand them deeply. In order to do that, continue reading our article and get to know Cancer people much better!

Children of the Moon

If your Cancer friend is super emotional and weepy, you can blame no one but the Moon itself. That’s because the Moon rules the Cancer zodiac sign. The Moon as a planetary ruler is a symbol of femininity and fertility, so people born under this natural satellite usually have very strong emotions. Also, the Moon symbolizes maternity, so if you let a Cancer take care of you, you can be a hundred percent sure that they won’t let anything harm you.

The fact that the Moon rules the Cancer zodiac sign explains in the best possible way why Cancer people are so mysterious. They do what they do in shadow and silence. Furthermore, the mystery is what makes people born in this zodiac sign almost magnetic to the others. They just love long meaningful conversations, so if you want a Cancer to like you, be free to open your heart and soul to them.

They are usually introverts by nature, often very timid and passive. Don’t expect them to easily approach you for whatever reason, or let down their walls just like that. On the contrary, it will take some time for a Cancer to let you in their personal space and show you the real them. But once they do, you’ll get to know so warm and affectionate person that you’ll maybe start wondering isn’t it the Sun that rules their zodiac sign.

Oceans of Emotions

There’s probably no other zodiac sign that loves water more than Cancer people. They could live forever by the ocean’s shore if you ask them. That’s because Cancer, besides Scorpio and Pisces,

has the water element deeply in its body and soul.

Water as the zodiac element always brings emotions and intuition in the first place. Being emotional and sensitive is like a profession for Cancer people. They can sometimes be as vulnerable as fine glass, and it may seem like you have to watch every move when dealing with them.

However, that’s not always the case. They will cry when they feel like crying and that often has nothing to do with the way you treat them. Soon after they weep all their tears, they’ll continue doing whatever they’ve been doing. Cancer people’s emotions storm will come and go just like the tides of the sea.

Masters of Creation

Cancer is the cardinal zodiac sign. According to that, it is characteristical for Cancer people to have unique moving energy. Isn’t it strange? As far, we have concluded that they are pretty passive and defensive. Well, not when it comes to working and creating stuff.

Actually, Cancer people are one of the biggest hard-workers among zodiac signs. They are very persisting and goal-oriented. Cancer comes as forth in the zodiac cycle and it announces the coming of the summer. We all impatiently wait for summer to bring us the fruits of what we have sown. Similar to that, Cancer people work in peace, and then suddenly shine like the brightest star and introduce us to the products of their hard-working.

Not only that Cancer people are some kind of quiet producing machines, but they are also very imaginative and usually very interested in arts. Having all that in mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise that many of the biggest inventors and artists are born in the Cancer zodiac sign, such as Nikola Tesla, Ernest Hemingway, Herman Hesse, Frida Kahlo, etc.

Ruby is for Strength

Birthstones are precious stones that are very important for each zodiac sign, as they deeply connect with a person’s energy, and can help in many spheres of life. For Cancer, that’s ruby. Its red color symbolizes love for life and people, which Cancer people have in tons.

Also, it symbolizes the strength, and that is very important for these people, who can sometimes feel a bit less confident. Therefore, the energy of ruby can encourage them to believe in themselves, and make them more secure about themselves.

Other precious stones that are important for the Cancer zodiac sign are emerald and pearl. Moonstone is considered to be its planetary stone, while sapphire is its talismanic stone.

Love Life

If at some moment in your life you would want to settle down and have a family, you should definitely start looking for a Cancer. Furthermore, if you’re a romantic person and you desire to be loved and cared about, there will not be a better choice for you.

Cancer people always put their family and loved ones in the first place, very often even forgetting about themselves. If they truly love you, there won’t be a thing they won’t do to make you happy. It’s also the maternity instinct in their bones that makes them so caring when it comes to the people they love, thanks to their ruling planet, the Moon.

Feelings – that’s a Cancer’s middle name, and love is the most beautiful feeling they can have for you. And you’ll feel it for sure. Once they fall in love with you, you’ll get to know what it’s like to be someone’s world. In addition, Cancer people are very loyal partners So, if you’re lucky enough to have a Cancer partner, we are sure you can confirm how wonderful it is.

However, sometimes Cancer people can be moody and just a little thing that you say or do can make them cry. But no need to panic, it’s only a phase. In a minute they will be brand new and ready to give you all their love. The only thing that can hurt them so deeply that they will never forgive you is to betray them. By doing that, you will break their gentle heart in pieces and you can say goodbye to your perfect partner. To be honest, you deserved it.

Bussines Relationships

We have already mentioned that Cancer people are very hard-working and dedicated to what they do. That would also be a case if you have a Cancer employee. They will surely give their best to accomplish everything you want from them and to make you proud.

Also, if your employer is a Cancer, they’ll make sure that you can always find a friend in them. They’ll be kind and full of comprehension. Ask them for a free day or another lunch break, and they’ll agree without thinking. But don’t you dare to abuse their generosity. If you do, better start packing your stuff. They may be good-hearted, but they are not stupid.


Cancer people are really sweethearts, full of love and affection for everybody. If you’re dealing with one of them, you know clearly what we’re talking about. They are friends and partners for life, nothing less. Therefore, you should definitely try to keep them in yours and remember to thank them from time to time for being so lovely. Well, they’ll maybe start crying happy tears, but that’s totally okay.

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