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DEC 22-JAN 19

So, you’re walking down the street and you see a parked Lambo. A man is getting out of it – stylish, suit and tie, Rolex on the left hand, and surely a heavy valet in the pocket. Who’s that guy? – you’re asking yourself. Well, first, he’s a Capricorn, you can bet on it. You’re probably asking yourself one more question – how did he manage to earn all this money? Continue reading our article and you’ll find out what is that makes Capricorns so successful in everything they do. Watch and learn!

Crowned Planet

It’s no surprise that the planet that rules the Capricorn zodiac sign is the most unique and almost the biggest planet of them all. That’s Saturn. This massive planet makes all the other planets look like they are tiny balloons. Similar to that, Capricorn’s strength and confidence can put a shadow on anybody else in their surrounding.

Just like Saturn wears its ring, Capricorns wear their crown, proudly and well deserved. They are kings of success, hard work, and discipline. Making a good daily schedule is their profession. A Capricorn knows well that time is money. Career is often their main occupation, and they will do anything it takes to make their dreams come true.

You better not try to stop them, or else you’ll feel the Capricorn’s anger on your skin. Trust me, you wouldn’t like that. You know, in Greek mythology, there’s a story about Cronus (alternative for Saturn from Roman mythology) who ate his own children to keep the throne. That’s exactly what many Capricorns will do – pass any barrier with cold blood on their way to success.

Feet on the Solid Ground

Next, Capricorns have Earth element in their bones. Therefore, they’re chained to the ground, always stable and stoic. You’ll never catch a Capricorn daydreaming or having their head in the clouds. We can’t think of a zodiac sign that is more realistic and practical. Everything they do has its purpose, and usually, to be honest, that’s making some money. They’re about material things and they don’t try to hide it.

If you want some fruits to gain, first you need to plant a seed in the ground. Similarly, Earth signs invest their blood and sweat to get what they want. However, for a fruiting tree to grow, what it takes is some water and sunlight too. Without it, there’s no life. Yes, Capricorns are workaholics and sometimes cold-blooded, but they need a lot of love to fulfill them.

That’s what they’ll try to hide, and they’ll act like they don’t need anyone but themselves, but in fact, that’s not the case. They want to be loved, and they want to find someone to love. When they do, they could sacrifice their life for this person. Earth signs love like nobody else, they are loyal like nobody else, and they are reliable like nobody else.

“Winter is Coming”

Capricorn is a cardinal zodiac sign. That means that a lot of productive energy is accumulated inside of them waiting to explode. Action, action, action, that’s what a Capricorn’s life looks like. They are always the ones to initiate things, leaders in every segment of their lives.

December is the month of Capricorns, and it’s also the month when the winter is coming. Therefore, Capricorns are some kind of apostles of winter. Well, that’s not a coincidence – you would probably think. They are the children of winter, and that’s why their hearts are turned to ice. That may be true, but there’s something more to that. Capricorn as a cardinal sign represents the south. And in the south, it’s so hot that ice must be melted down.

That’s why they can be so indifferent and so loving at the same time.

Dark Stone

Birthstones are very important for each zodiac sign. These are precious stones that connect deeply with a person’s inner energy and may help them so much in life. Capricorn’s main birthstone is black onyx. It symbolizes the power and strength these people have. The energy that black onyx radiates helps Capricorns to stay focused when it comes to their life goals and to make wise decisions, as they can be hotheaded from time to time.

Other precious stones that are important for Capricorns are ruby, agate, and garnet. Its planetary stone is lapis lazuli, while its talismanic stone is considered to be onyx.

Love Life

The ones who don’t know Capricorns so well may think that such cold-blooded persons can’t love anybody. But if you have read our previous sentences, you can easily deny that. Not only that Capricorns can love, but they are one of the best choices you can make if you want a partner for life, who’s gonna love you no matter what, and who’s gonna stay with you even if the sky falls.

We don’t blame you if a Capricorn captured your attention. Their charm is just irresistible. But if you want to start a serious relationship with them, we have to give you some piece of advice. Don’t rush anything. On the contrary, let them lead in your relation and wait patiently for them to get to know you deeply and to fall in love with you deeply. Once that happens, they are all yours and you can be sure they won’t ever let you down.

However, that’s unless you do something bad to them. If you’re a cheater or betrayer and you disrespect them, well, you have nowhere to hide. You won’t have any chances to get back to them, do we have to mention that at all. Furthermore, they won’t rest till you get what you deserved. And in their revenge, they’ll have no mercy.

All that Capricorns want is someone who will be equally loving, respectful, and loyal as they are. If you’re that kind of person, we can already hear the church bells ring. In addition, don’t hesitate to be cuddly with them and all that stuff. Hug them and kiss them all the time, they will love the way you show your affection to them. Show them your love through your acts, not through your words. Capricorns believe what they see, not what they hear.

If they can feel that your love is true, they’ll make you the happiest person in the world.

Business Relationships

If we start talking about how successful Capricorns are in their business life, we would only repeat ourselves. Therefore, in case you want a dedicated and workaholic employer, search for a Capricorn. They will work day and night if that’s what you need. But you will have to prepare a wealthy reward for that effort. Capricorns won’t lose their time for some change.

The iron discipline that all Capricorns have can make them a billionaire, an enterprise possessor, a famous actor or singer, anything they want. The best feeling for them is to be their own boss and not having to work for anybody else. It takes a lot of time and hard-working, but it’s definitely worth it. Work, discipline, and order! That’s how you make your dreams come true.


So, next time you see a successful and rich Capricorn, don’t be jealous of them. Instead, try to pick some tricks from them, and don’t forget to say thank you. Also, don’t at any cost forget to give any Capricorn in your surrounding a lot of love and attention. They desire it, and they deserve it.

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