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You probably hate it when you go shopping with your Libra friend. „This one? Or this one? Oh, or maybe that one?“ Choosing a t-shirt takes hours when it comes to Librans. You could only imagine how it looks like when it comes to some really important decisions in life. However, although they’re well-known for their indecisiveness, there’s much more you should learn about these people. Keep reading our article and you’ll surely get to know them deeper!

Inborn Harmony

To begin with, not only are they beautiful themselves on the inside and the outside, but Librans are also native beauty-lovers. That has a lot to do with the fact that the ruling planet of this zodiac sign is Venus.

In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. Among our zodiac signs, that’s Libra for sure. They have a strong affinity for esthetic, moral, culture. You can easily imagine a Libra in an artist’s studio covered in different colours admiring their piece of art. Well, they owe that talent to Venus.

Librans long for harmony, not only in terms of art but also when it comes to any other aspect of their lives. They hold the scale in their hands and carefully organize the weight for the perfect balance. Always calm and kind, Librans love to feel peace in their souls. They won’t be happy until justice is satisfied.

Therefore, we can represent a Libra just like Lady Justice, but without a sword. Librans are not warriors, so they don’t need one. Thanks to Venus’s energy, they don’t have a strong will and courage to fight things. Exceptionally, they’ll do it through words, not through their actions.

They can even be lazy sometimes. Not that they don’t have goals in life. Actually, they do, but their motivation can be too low from time to time. It’s like some days they can’t decide if they will get out of bed or stay there. And of course, it takes some time to make that decision.

Changes Initiators

However, these lazy moments don’t happen that often. Libra is a cardinal zodiac sign, which means Librans have inborn energy that has to be expressed in some way. That’s why Librans usually can’t sit still in one place. They always seek outdoor activities with people they are close to. They want to have company in everything they do, so when a Libra calls you out, that means they love to spend time with you. Don’t break their heart by refusing their offer.

Librans are apostles of the autumn, and autumn is the time of the year when everything in nature starts to change. Therefore, Librans are not afraid of changes in their lives. Not only do they adapt very easily to any situation, but they also gladly initiate things to change. According to Librans, some changes in the world have to be done, so that it would become a better place, full of peace and justice.

It’s All in Their Head

Despite their desire to change things, Librans won’t dare to do it by themselves. Yes, they will initiate the fight, but mostly through words and ideas. They are an air sign, for God’s sake. A big part of their lives is going on only inside their head.

The mind of a Libra is constantly occupated with thousands of thoughts. No matter if it comes to buying a new pair of shoes, or choosing a college, Librans will think about it long after they make their decision. Was it a good idea? Should have I choose any different? It is so hard for them to realize that what is done is done and there’s no turning back, so they turn back in their heads again and again.

Overthinking is their profession. They can live so much in their head that they even start imagining things. That leads to worrying about the problems that actually don’t exist. Therefore, Librans can make their lives way too complicated, and that can also cause issues when it comes to their relationships with other people. They can turn into an energetic vampire in the blink of an eye.

So, if you’re a Libra, please try to relax and live in the moment. There’s no use worrying about the past or the future.

Colorful Stone

Birthstones, in case you didn’t already know, are very important for your zodiac sign. These are precious stones that connect deeply with your energy and help you grow in any sphere of your life. Libra’s main birthstone is opal. That’s a beautiful, colourful stone, just like a Libra’s soul.

Opal is believed to help achieving the perfect balance in your life, and we all know how important that is for Librans. We have also learned that Librans have tendencies toward negative thinking. Well, opal can reduce all this negativity and bring positivity to Libra’s life. It is also believed that opal can protect from nightmares and evil eyes, which all lead to a peaceful and happy life.

Other birthstones important for the Libra zodiac sign are chrysolite and lapis lazuli. Its planetary stone is sapphire, while its talismanic stone is considered to be agate.

Love Life

Love life is so important for Librans. They don’t like it being on their own, so having a partner and a long-lasting relationship is one of the main occupations in their life. Librans easily make a connection with someone and they fall in love very fast. If you’re with a Libran, please don’t try to abuse that fact. Instead, be happy, because you have a loving person and one of the greatest partners by your side.

A relationship with a Libran can really be a pleasure. They will be with you only if they truly love you, as they are never led by some temporary emotions or passion. And when they love you, they love you sincerely and unconditionally. Librans are loyal partners, always honest and respectful, and also very affectionate.

Therefore, in a relationship with a Libran, you will surely feel special and loved. However, what you may not like is that they will always tend to overthink your words and acts. They can make some unrealistic picture in their head and unnecessarily cause problems in your relationship.

Maybe they won’t tell you that, as they don’t like arguing with you, but they may change their mood or their behaviour toward you. When that happens, try to gently explain to them that this is nothing but imagination and repeat again and again how much you love them. Love solves every problem.

Business Relationships

When it comes to business, Librans are team players. They love to work in a group of people so that everybody can share their ideas and discuss the challenges. Librans are intelligent people, born thinkers, and it’s easy for them to accomplish every task.

However, they don’t have any ambition to be some kind of leader. It would be such torture for them if they had to make important business decisions every single day. That’s why you won’t often see a Libran in a boss’s seat, but you will definitely find them among the most creative employers in any working place.


As you have already known, Librans can be a little bit difficult sometimes. All their overthinking can really be exhausting to stand. But you have to put yourself in their place – it’s not so easy wearing a weighing scale on your back every day. Try to understand them, and let their loving smile heal all your broken nerves.

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