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Do you know the myth about Dedalus and Icarus? Flying too close to the Sun caused Icarus’s wings to burn and fall off, so instead of touching the Sun he ended up drowned in the sea. This is an ancient story about ambition and vanity, a story about enormous immodesty that can often lead to bad plot-twist. If we wanted to make a modern one on the same subject, a Leo would be its protagonist for sure. Why is that? Well, read our article and you will get it!

The Center of the Universe

Leos are undoubtedly the greatest egoists among zodiac signs. That actually it’s not so strange, having in mind that the Sun is their ruling star. The Sun is the biggest and the shiniest star in our Solar System, and so are Leos in their heads. All the planets orbit around the Sun, and that’s exactly what you have to do when it comes to a Leo. For Leos to be happy, you have to orbit around them forever and make them feel like the center of the Universe.

Their need to catch everyone’s attention is huge, and their appetite for power is enormous. They want to shine even brighter than the Sun. Don’t you dare put them in the shade! Worship them – that’s the magic formula if you want Leos to be happy. Never stop admiring them and boosting their ego, and they are all yours.

You won’t ever hear a Leo say – a bird in the hand is worth two birds in the bush. Leos always want more, and they work hard to get more. That’s why they are always very successful people in the highest positions. They love to be dominant in everything and don’t let anyone take their throne.

However, if they like you and if you respect their authority and uniqueness, you will feel all the warmth of the Sun. Leos can be really caring and generous even if they don’t seem like that at first. Usually being extroverts, they love people’s company very much, and if you’re a funny and interesting person, they gonna love yours too!

Hot like Fire

Leo people are very passionate and energetic, due to the fire element in their zodiac sign. They have a strong and independent personality and they are always right. You better not try to argue with a Leo. It may take hours, it will be dramatic and theatric. Furthermore, in the end, it will be pointless. They know what they know.

Fire brings warmth and light, which means it brings life. But on the other hand, fire can also take lives away. Its duality resembles so much to the Leos personality. If they find a friend in you, they can truly be sweethearts. However, if you’re an enemy to them, you will feel the fire burning on your skin. Choose your side.

Lasting and Persistent

Leo is a fixed zodiac sign. Therefore, if Leo people have a goal, and they always do, they’ll never give up no matter what. They’ll patiently work in silence and shine later. If they make some decision, that’s the way it has to be even if the worlds collide.

Fixed signs don’t like changes. They get used to something very easy and they don’t want it to be changed. Leo people are not any different. They make plans for every day, love their routine, and hate it when something comes up unexpectedly. So, if they decided to stay at home and watch movies on a Friday night, that’s because they want to rest a little bit after a long busy day. Don’t insist on inviting them to the party, you will annoy them so much.

Green Stone

In case you didn’t know, birthstones are very important for each zodiac sign. These are precious stones that can bring luck, as well as protect from evil. Deeply connected to your energy, they help you to improve yourself in any sphere of your life. Leo’s birthstone is peridot.

Peridot is a green-colored precious stone, and it is believed that green color symbolizes stability and consistency. That means that peridot can encourage Leo people to stay strong on their way to success. Green is also the color of nature, and it reminds Leos to sometimes turn to themselves and stop being obsessed with what other people think about them.

Other gemstones that could make a really good connection with Leo’s energy are onyx, carnelian, sardonyx, golden topaz, and tourmaline. Its planetary stone is rock crystal, while diamond is considered to be its talismanic stone.

Love Life

When it comes to being in a love relationship with a Leo, we have to tell you the harsh truth – they will always love themselves more than they love you. That doesn’t mean that you’re not important to them at all, it’s just that their interests are more important than anybody else’s.

It’s not that you won’t be happy in a relationship with a Leo. On contrary, there will be a lot of fun and enjoyment, and they truly gonna show their affection to you. You will feel loved for sure. They are not cheaters, they are loyal partners. All you have to do to keep them by your side is to admire them every day and make their wishes come true. Take them to the fancy restaurant, they love to be seen. Buy them diamonds, they love to shine.

Joking aside, it doesn’t have to be anything too expensive. What is important is to show your intention to make them happy. They have to be your whole world.

Also, you have to let Leo be dominant. Follow their lead, respect them, and respect their time. It takes a lot of effort to be the best, so don’t bother them when they work. Your time to cuddle will come soon.

Business Relationships

In business, Leos will accept the boss’s seat and nothing less. Their ambition won’t let them settle for anything average. Similarly, their dominant side won’t let them tolerate anybody’s commands. But they will be a good employee, respectful and kind when it comes to their workers. Just, one thing is important – they will have to put their job in the first place.

If your employer is Leo, they will work from dusk till down to be the best employee you could have. Doing a great job will become a priority in their life. It’s just they won’t do it to satisfy you. They’ll do it to overthrow you. Be careful, Leo is born to be a king.


Well, maybe Icarus was a Leo. There’s no way we will ever find out, but the analogy is obvious. Leos can always do better and nobody can do it better. So, if you have a Leo by your side, let them be the center of your universe, and you’ll feel the passion.

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