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Is there any Virgo in your neighbourhood? Are they an enigma for you? They always sit in the corner of the room not talking to anybody, looking so distant and cold that you’re afraid to approach them. Are they some weirdos or what? Of course not! Better read our article and you’ll get to know them a lot better.

Eagle Eye

The ruling planet for the Virgo zodiac sign is Mercury, the smallest one, but very influencing. In case you didn’t know, in Roman mythology, Mercury was the god of trade. As such, he was also the representative of gumption, craftiness, and wording and persuading skills. Well, a Virgo in a nutshell, we would say.

Thanks to the energy Mercury brings to them, Virgos are very smart and logical people. Although they may seem shy and quiet, they are very talkative. Actually, if get to know some Virgo and start hanging out with them, you’ll soon be wondering yourself – do they ever keep their mouth shut? Not much, so you better get used to that and prepare yourself for answering the countless questions. Virgos always want to know more.

Simply, it’s in their nature to be detailist. They are born analyzers, and they owe it to Mercury. They observe and observe things, and they feel uncomfortable if any is not in place. Therefore, Virgo’s house is always neat and tidy.

Virgos are not lazy people. They put a lot of effort into everything that’s important to them. When they want to achieve something, they follow the device – work, order, and discipline. And that’s how they make all their wishes come true.

Practical Minds

Virgo is an earth sign. Having that in mind, it’s no surprise that Virgos always have their feet on the solid ground. They think realistically, and they work practically. No time for losing their head in the clouds, cause time is money.

Yes, they can be very material-oriented. That’s what both Mercury and earth element bring. However, material is not the only thing they seek. They also appreciate other values, traditional ones. Love, marriage, family, art, manners, these are all important in a Virgo’s life. Nowadays, some may call them old-fashioned and conservative, but they wouldn’t care. Not everything that’s new and modern is good.

Following the Rules

Virgos are not some kind of rebels. They understand that rules are there with a cause, so they follow them. They respect the limits and obey them. And that’s all because they’re a mutable sign.

As a mutable sign, Virgos easily adapt to any changes. Their observing mind tries to analyze any situation they come across, while their inborn logic helps them to realize how they should behave.

Besides, they are never the loud and the conflict ones. Virgo is the silent person that observes everyone in the room from far away. They don’t like it when they’re in the spotlight. Typical introverts. They choose their company carefully and wisely, as well as what they do. Think first, act later.

Sedative Stone

Birthstones are very important for each zodiac sign. These precious stones connect deeply with a person’s inner energy. They are also believed to bring luck and may help a lot to improve in any sphere of life.

Virgo’s main birthstone is blue sapphire. From the first look, you can tell how calming its blue colour is. Therefore, calming energy is the most important effect this gemstone brings to Virgos. They are native overthinkers and restless analyzers, so blue sapphire can help them so much to relax a bit.

Also, as Virgos are very shy and closed to the world, blue sapphire’s energy can help them to improve their relationships with other people by making them much more open-minded and liberated.

Other precious stones that are important for the Virgo zodiac signs are carnelian, jade, jasper, and moss agate. Its planetary stone is citrine, while zircon is considered to be its talismanic stone.

Love Life

Virgos are cold, they say. They are calculating and arrogant, they say. They don’t know how to love, they say. But don’t you know that love can change people?

It is true, Virgos know very well how to control their emotions and how to hide them. But beneath the smooth surface, there’s often a hurricane. So, if you think Virgos can’t have feelings for anyone, you live in delusion. When they love someone, they love them unconditionally.

However, they are not romantics, they are realistic creatures. Sorry if we disappoint you, but don’t expect them to buy you flowers every day and write you love songs. If you want breakfast and roses in bad, get you some Cancer. But if you want a mature person to love you and to be with you even in the darkest times, grab this Virgo and don’t let them go.

Virgos watch every detail when it comes to choosing a long-term partner, as you can assume. So, to meet their criteria, you should have some characteristics that are important to them. You need to be smart, art-lover, tidy and clean, with manners. But above all, you need to be a good soul, loyal and respectful, cause that’s exactly what you’ll get in return.

Also, don’t fight, they don’t like that. Be their shelter where they can find peace. You don’t need to worry about making surprises and romantic dinners, they don’t like that either. If you want a Virgo to love you back, get yourself some good books and take a shower every day. And just love them, it’s that simple.

Business Relationships

Can you get an employer better than a Virgo? Probably not. Their analytic intelligent mind will solve any problem and their creativeness will always come up with new solutions.

They work carefully and pay attention to every detail, so the result is pure perfection. In addition, they will respect your rules, we assure you. Never late for work, and always ready to dive into work. What else could you wish?

Virgos are pretty ambitious, and thanks to their hard work, they can succeed in every business they take. Literally, they can be anything from an accountant or a scientist to a politician or an artist. They’ve got a talent, they’ve got a persistence, they’ve got skills, they’ve got it all.


So, next time you see that Virgo sitting in the corner all alone, don’t hesitate to start talking to them. You will like what you found – a true friend or a true love, or maybe a great coworker. Whatever the case, try to keep them.

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