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Has your mother ever told you not to fall in love with Sagittarius? Sagittarius will never be yours, it’s just your turn – they say. Truth or myth? Well, wonder no more. Read our article and you’ll find out!

The Lucky Ones

We bet you sometimes wish you were born under a lucky star. Believe it or not, Sagittarians actually were! The ruling planet for this zodiac sign is Jupiter, the most massive planet in our Solar System. Because of that fact, Sagittarians should consider themselves favorites of the universe.

Jupiter brings a lot of luck, happiness, positive energy, and maybe most of all – endless optimism. That’s why Sagittarians smile from ear to ear whenever you see them. They just know how to enjoy life. Don’t worry, be happy! – this is their device. Even at the worst times of their lives, Sagittarians know that after rain comes the sun.

Sagittarians are very open-minded. They love people and they are very generous. They are always the ones to tell jokes and make everyone laugh even in serious situations. Therefore, they are very popular people and gladly seen at any party. Sagittarian is the leader of the crew just like Jupiter is head of all Roman gods.

Yes, Sagittarians love to have fun indeed. Still, thanks to Jupiter as the ruling planet, they have a very strong sense of dignity and honor. Furthermore, toward the ones they love Sagittarians have an intensive protective instinct. Dare to hurt their loved ones and you’ll feel the thunder of Jupiter himself!

Eternal Flame

Sagittarius is a fire zodiac sign, and that explains a lot of things. Fire element brings energy, passion, life, adventures. And that would be a Sag in a nutshell. It’s almost like you can see a fire burning in their eyes.  Everything they do, they do it with love and faith.

Sagittarians just love new experiences. What is life if you can’t live it to the fullest? Live, love, and believe – Sagittarians say. They fall in love easily, and they get hurt easily. But nevermind. No matter if their heart burns to ashes, a new day will come.

Monotone is Boring

It is clear – someone so full of energy and life can’t be tied to one place. Furthermore, Sagittarius is a mutable zodiac sign, which means changes are in its bones. Sagittarians just can’t sit still and live without action. That’s why they love to travel and tend to often change their place of living.

For Sagittarians, what is static is boring. Something needs to happen in their lives so that they can enjoy it. Dynamism, adrenaline, excitement – this is what they seek. Therefore, they usually have very unique hobbies, such as alpinism, car rally, or sea diving. Sagittarians have one goal – not to live two days the same way.

A Calming Stone

For those who don’t know, birthstones are very important for each zodiac sign. These are precious stones that connect deeply with your inner energy. That can help you a lot to improve yourself in many different fields of your life.

The main birthstone for the Sagittarius zodiac sign is turquoise. This relaxing-blue colored stone has exactly the same effect on the hyperactive Sag. Turquoise brings calm and peaceful energy, which leads to the perfect balance in Sagittarian’s life.

Also, turquoise has the power to improve communication between Sagittarians and other people. Sagittarians are not used to watch their language. Think before you speak – they say, but not when it comes to these flamy people. However, thanks to turquoise, that can easily change, and Sagittarians can become more aware of their words and how they affect others.

Beside turquoise, there are other gemstones that are important for the Sagittarius zodiac sign, such as amethyst, ruby, and sapphire. Its planetary stone is topaz, while its beryl is considered to be its talismanic stone.

Love Life

If you’re still tormented by the mystery we mentioned at the very beginning, the time has come for your misery to be over. Well, the wise men once said – where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But not necessarily a wildfire.

Being born with Jupiter as their ruler and fire as their primary element, Sagittarians are native explorers, we can’t deny that. They love adventures, both in social life and love life. Sagittarians could fly freely from flower to flower forever. However, love can change people, you know?

For a Sag to fall in love with you so strongly and deeply that they wish to spend the rest of their precious life by your side, you really have to be something special. Among the same bored and indifferent faces, be the one who radiates happiness. Remember, Sagittarians are life-lovers, so you have to be too. Nevertheless, we don’t mean you need to pretend. You have to be a lovely energetic person deep within without trying, or else your Sag will be truly disappointed.

So, if you’re the type of person they are looking for, we have some good news for you. Despite what people say and think, Sagittarians can be great partners. Furthermore, there are high chances they will put a ring on you. No, it’s not a joke!

It happens quite often that Sagittarians fall in love. But loving someone is a different thing, and it happens only once in their lifetime. When Sagittarians love, you can be sure that they are all yours and that they have eyes only for you. They can stay loyal to you for the rest of their lives. They will also be passionate lovers and supportful and caring partners. Well, what else can you wish for?

There’s just one thing – you need to give them freedom so that they can feel they’re living their life to the fullest. If you give them freedom, they will stay. If you take it away from them, they will leave. It’s that simple.

Also, try to spice up your relationship a little bit. Bring some excitement and adrenaline. Take them to bungee jumping or sky diving instead of a fancy restaurant. They will feel their blood rushing through their veins, as well as their love for you.

Business Relationships

Sagittarians can be as successful in business as they are in their love life. The fire element brings ambition and passion for anything they do. However, the job must be pretty interesting and dynamic, or else they will lose their spirit.

Also, their strong optimism can sometimes lead to laziness and irresponsibleness. Therefore, you have to be careful if you betrust some important projects to them. Keep your eye on them and support them and they will do a good job for you.


So, we hope it’s all clear now. Don’t believe everything you hear. And most important, don’t listen when they tell you not to fall in love with these unique people. If they fall in love with you too, you will have a time of your life or a person for life. If not, you can be sure you have a trustful and loyal friend who will be there for you till the end of time.

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