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So, you’ve recently been on a date, and you asked the well-known question – „what’s your zodiac sign?“ „Aquarius“, they said. Or you’ve just got a new employee and you found out they’re Aquarius. In both cases, you’re probably asking yourself what are their main characteristics and what can you expect in your relationship with them. Well, keep reading and you’ll find out!

Blue Planet

Aquarius people are born between the 21st of January and the 18th of February. The planet that rules this zodiac sign is Uranus, and that fact can tell us a lot about the characteristics Aquarius person has. First of all, Uranus as a dominant planet brings an unusual free spirit, and outstanding originality. People ruled by this planet are usually very independent. Therefore, they have a strong will and can very often be even stubborn.

Thanks to Uranus, Aquarians are born rebels and disobeyers, so they have tendencies to break every chain that trammels. That means they always follow their instincts and they won’t let some stupid rules and conventions lead them in life. So, if they choose you, be sure they’ll follow you to the Moon and back!

Free as Air

From the elementary aspect, Aquarius is an air sign. The same way you can’t put air into frames, you can’t take freedom away from Aquarius. We all breathe air, but we can’t see it. Neither can we see the things Aquarians are into – ideas, thoughts, imagination, dreams. They are able to create a whole new world, but don’t ask them to build it.

If you have the opportunity to talk to an Aquarian, you better don’t waste it talking about material things. They won’t be so happy if you keep bothering them with some facts and physical things. Instead of that, spend your time with Aquarian daydreaming, or talking about non-existing places and philosophy. I promise you, they will love you forever.

Fixed and Focused

What we have learned from the previous sentences is that persons born in the Aquarius zodiac sign are freedom fans and that they can often be more rebel than James Dean (what a coincidence, he was Aquarian!). However, the fact that Aquarius is a fixed sign reveals that we’re dealing with a very self-aware person. Aquarians may be living in the clouds, but, on the other hand, they can stay stable on the solid ground when needed.

Besides, Aquarians are very ambitious and goal-oriented. If they plan to do something, better stay out of their way. They can be so determined in their intents that they will let nobody stop them.

Red for Luck

Zodiac birthstones, if you haven’t heard yet, are very important for your zodiac sign. These are precious stones, as believed, deeply connected with your zodiac spirit. In addition, it is believed that wearing one can bring you good luck and protect you from evil.

Aquarius’s birthstone is garnet. It’s a red-colored precious stone known centuries ago. Red is a symbol of passion, power, and revolution, and we can associate them all with Aquarians. Furthermore, garnet brings grounding energy and symbolizes the strength to fight for your goals.

Nevertheless, there are many other precious stones important for Aquarian energy, such as amethyst, moss agate, opal, and sugilite. Turquoise is considered to be Aquarius’s planetary stone, while jasper is its talismanic stone. These are all beautiful stones, but, undoubtedly, Aquarians shine brighter than them all!

Love Life


No wonder an Aquarian stole your attention, and no doubt you have such a good time with them. However, if you decided to love Aquarian and dedicate your life to this person, there are a lot of things you should know.

Being probably the most romantic among zodiac signs, they for sure believe in true love and happily ever afters. In the beginning, it will maybe take some time for you to realize how much they love you, as they have trouble showing feelings. But, once they do, they are very affectionate. They will love you passionately and unconditionally and you will consider yourself lucky to have them by your side. And you are absolutely right!

But no one’s perfect, isn’t it? Despite all said before, there’s ugly truth you should know if you want to have a relationship with Aquarius. Sometimes, Aquarians can be like a ticking bomb. You can easily make them angry by saying or doing some little things. But, no need to panic. When this happens, they’ll take five minutes only for themselves to chill out a little bit. Then, they will come back to you as nothing happened and continue loving you the way they do.

They often show some mood swings. One moment, they’ll laugh and make jokes with you, then the other, they’ll go deep into sadness. You should keep that in mind, but don’t take it too seriously. That’s just the way they are – forever idealists, sensitive, but adorable.

Also, Aquarians can be very vanitous. If you dare to hurt them, be sure they’ll hurt you twice more. If you choose someone over them, don’t wonder why they’re acting mean. In conclusion, you shouldn’t play dirty with an Aquarian. Be honest and respectable, and there will always be peace.

Last but not least, Aquarians seek freedom. This means that, in a relationship, you should have trust in them and give them some space to breathe. If you’re a jealous person and used to control your partner, better change yourself, or change your lover.

Long story short – if you’re in love with Aquarian, just love them the way they deserve, let them be free, and be happy for being loved by such a unique person.

Business Relationships

We’ve already mentioned that Aquarians are very ambitious and dedicated persons, and we all know that’s so important when it comes to business life. If they have some task to do, they will not settle until they make it. Don’t try to disturb them, time is money.

However, it’s not very usual to find an Aquarius in the boss seat. When it comes to making some important decisions, they will often make the wrong one. In another case, they will change their mind as soon as they turn their back. Therefore, it is much better to have an Aquarian as an employee than an employer. Otherwise, be careful who you’re making a business deal with.

Although an Aquarian will be a hard-working and loyal employee for you, they sometimes may act like a know-it-all. It will be hard for you to change their mind. So, better let them be. Give them the freedom to show you what they can do and just watch them make great results for you.


It’s time to summarize – dealing with Aquarius can sometimes be challenging, but, if you’re patient enough, you’ll see that they’re worth your time. All you need to do is give them their freedom in every part of their life and understand and respect their idealism and romanticism. They will reward you dearly.

Having that in mind, appreciate every Aquarius that enters your life and try to keep them.

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