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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say fish? Water, probably. Well, that should also be the case when it comes to Pisces. Wherever they go, there’s water overflowing. What do we mean? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

Watery Planet

First of all, the ruling planet for Pisces is Neptune. This blue watery planet was named by the Roman god of water and seas. There’s pretty much water for the start, isn’t it? Water was always considered to be a symbol of emotions, but also a symbol of transcendental. Furthermore, this symbolic has a lot to do with Pisces people.

Pisces are very emotional creatures, probably the most emotional ones among zodiac signs. If you have ever had a chance to deal with one of them, you know what we’re talking about. In a blink of an eye, you can find them overwhelmed by emotions. When they are happy, they’ll jump through the roof. But when they are sad, it feels like the end of the world.

And it seems like these feelings come and go with the wind. It may sound crazy, but sometimes even Pisces themselves don’t know for sure what they actually feel. Because of that, it is often very hard for other people to understand them (and stand them).

However, it’s so sad, because these sensitive and emotional souls have a lot to offer to people. They are so caring and devoted to the ones they love that at moments they forget about their own needs. Having that in mind, be gentle to them and give them all their love back.

Water Element

Next, Pisces is a water sign. So, here comes more water, and more emotions. No need to point out again have deeply Pisces love and feel. But, in addition, we have to say that they are kind of people that see our world a bit different than it actually is. Pisces are helpless romantics and idealists. They are capable of spending the whole day daydreaming about somebody or something they love and admire. They will melt down when watching a romantic scene and cry while others cry.

Besides, the water element and Neptune as the ruling planet bring a lot of intuition into Pisces’ lives. In fact, it’s not only intuition – it’s almost something transcendental. They are like Nostradamus or Baba Vanga among the zodiac signs. They have an extraordinary ability to foresee and predict things. Pisces just got that feeling in their bones. And that’s why they always listen to their heart, not their head.

Like a Fish in the Water

Yes, Pisces are just like a fish in the water. No matter the situation, they will assimilate and go on swimming. That’s because they are a mutable zodiac sign, beside Gemini, Vergo, and Sagittarius. You know what they say – when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade. Well, that’s exactly what Pisces do.

Furthermore, Pisces are born around the very end of the winter. After the winter ends, the spring comes, and everything in nature begins to be reborn. Changes are a necessity in this world, and if you want to survive, you must obey them. Pisces know that, therefore, they easily pull up with any pressure.

Pisces are not the ones to stand out in the crowd, to be rebellious, and to start the revolution. On the contrary, they are usually very shy and timid. They have their own dreams, and they work in silence to make them come true. And they always manage to do that because they live their life just like fish in the water.

Water Stone

In case you didn’t know, birthstones are very important for each zodiac sign. These precious stones connect deeply with a person’s energy and can help a lot in any sphere of life. The main birthstone for Pisces zodiac sign is, non-surprisingly, the stone with a waterlike name – aquamarine.

Aquamarine can be very helpful for Pisces. Its energy makes them become more open-minded, and that’s very important because Pisces tend to close up in their inner world of emotions and dreams. Having that in mind, aquamarine can help them to improve their relationships with other people in their life. Furthermore, aquamarine is believed to reduce anxiety, and it helps Pisces to overcome sadness when the dark times come.

Other gemstones that are important for the Pisces zodiac sign are amethyst, bloodstone, jade, rock crystal, and sapphire. Its planetary stone is aquamarine itself, while its talismanic stone is considered to be ruby.

Love Life

So, in conclusion, it’s almost like water flows through their veins instead of blood. Therefore, when Pisces love you, there will be a flood of emotions. You will feel like you mean the world to them, and you surely do. They’ve always dreamt about this beautiful, romantic love from the movies, so make sure you give it to them, and they will be the happiest person on the Earth.

Pisces are not adventurous at all. They don’t like one night stands or any short affairs. When they love, they love with all of their hearts, and they want you all for themselves forever and ever. So if you also want a partner for life, you don’t need to look further. Pisces will stay loyal to you even if their favorite movie star tries to seduce them.

Trust me, you will love Pisces as much as they love you, if not more. They are the kind of people that you easily get used to, and soon find yourself you can’t live without. They will steal your heart with the little cute romantic things they do. But when you need them to, they will be a helpful mature person. Pisces are the ones you can laugh with, but also cry with.

However, there are moments when they will feel sad too. When that happens, better leave them alone to cry out and don’t bother them. They will soon feel much better and be ready to love you without any boundaries.

Business Relationships

Despite their emotional nature, Pisces can be really great workers. They are able to cut out emotions when it comes to business. And when they do that, they turn into a hard-working and creative employer who is nice to work with. They are very intelligent and dedicated to everything they do, so they will manage to accomplish any task you give to them.

Pisces feel much more secure when they do all the business by themselves. According to that, they don’t feel like being a boss. They usually don’t work to make money, but because they love what they do. Oops, seems like we lied to you – Pisces just can’t turn off their emotions no matter what.


So, after reading this article, we can bet Pisces would be the first to cross your mind when we say emotions. Well, we can’t blame them for being what they are, sensitive and helpless romantic – they are the children of water. Learn to swim along with them.

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