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October 25, 2020by Dejana N0

Tarot and Zodiac Signs

Everyone loves both horoscope and tarot. From the very beginning of our world, people want to find out what the future holds. We’re sure you can’t wait to check out what waits for you around the corner too while drinking your cup of coffee in the morning. But did you know tarot and zodiac signs were deeply connected with each other?

If that sounds like news for you, read the article below!

Tarot Cards and Zodiac Signs

Every card in the Major Arcana spread has its own name and symbolic figure. Also, these cards represent what different types of people have in their essence. Well, that’s very similar to the zodiac signs – they all have their own symbol and tell us what traits we can expect when it comes to a person born under each of them.

Furthermore, there’s a unique tarot card from Major Arcana for each zodiac sign from the zodiac cycle. They match perfectly and both of them symbolize a particular type of person or a specific kind of energy. Do you want to find out which card corresponds to your zodiac sign? Continue reading!

Aries – The Emperor

Aries as a fire sign is always associated with great moving energy and passion. Its ruling planet Mars brings power and ambition. Therefore, you are a born leader, the one who initiates everything, the one who makes the world change. You are a creative person in love with adventures.

The Emperor has strong leading energy too, as its name says. This card always represents new beginnings, enthusiasm for changing things, but also self-consciousness and confidence. The Emperor means authority, but its empire is an empire of peace and prosperity. It gives you the courage to fight for your goals and never give up.

Taurus – The Hierophant

Being Taurus, you are in love with beautiful things. That’s what your ruling planet Venus brings. You enjoy life but also have a strong sense of morals. You are a stable person, dedicated to your life goals and your loved ones.

Your card is the Hierophant. That’s your calm and wise consultant that you can always count on. This card brings stable energy and helps you not to stray from the right path. It unites the spiritual and the profane and gives you the strength to follow your traditional beliefs.

Gemini – The Lovers

Gemini people are well known for their dualism. You are a mix of strong emotions and rational thinking. The air element in your zodiac sign brings affinity for the world of ideas, while Mercury as your ruling planet brings mutability and changes in your behaviour.

The Lovers represent harmony coming from duality. Two completely different souls make the perfect match when together. The Lovers bring intimacy and companionship with the ones you love and make your relationships with other people much stronger.

Cancer – The Chariot

As Cancer, you sometimes feel overwhelmed by emotions, but despite that, you always have a clear mind to keep fighting for your goals. Your cardinal energy makes you keep your head up and move forward no matter what.

Therefore, your tarot card is The Chariot. It symbolizes the unstoppable energy that makes the world go round. It brings the strength to win every fight wherever you go. This card means you sometimes need to put aside your feelings and focus on being the best version of yourself.

Leo – Strength

You’re the child of the Sun. Therefore, you shine with passion and always radiate great moving energy. Your priority in life is to succeed. You have your goals right in front of your eyes and you would do anything to achieve them. Thanks to your will made of iron, you work hard for that every day.

So, your tarot card is Strength. All of us have better and worse days, and when the dark times come this card’s energy will help you to do your best and make your dreams come true.

Virgo – The Hermit

Mercury as the ruling planet of your zodiac sign brings intelligence and logic. You are born analysts, wanting every detail of your life to be perfect and in place. You observe and analyze the world around you 24/7, which might be pretty exhausting.

The Hermit as your tarot card brings the analytic energy as well. The figure of this card represents the wise man looking for the answers. We know that you’re looking for the answers all the time too, but sometimes they are deep within yourself. Therefore, you need to turn to your own needs and find your own peace of mind.

Libra – Justice

Your main goal in life is to reach the perfect harmony. The ruling planet of your zodiac sign is Venus and it brings you a strong sense of justice and equality. You want peace in the world and everyone to be happy and safe.

According to that, Justice is your tarot card. Justice has the scales in its hands and carefully examines everyone’s move. It symbolizes the tendency to make the world a great place for living, full of harmony and joy. With a Justice card supporting you and your beautiful smile, you can surely make some big changes.

Scorpio – Death

As Scorpio, you’re an emotional, gentle soul inside the rocky shell. You often put your walls high, so that hardly anybody can approach you. But when you make a connection with someone, that’s for the life.

However, in life, things change. People come and go. Your tarot card – Death will help you to understand that after every ending comes a new beginning. It symbolizes the infinite cycle of life – something has to die so that something brand new can be born. Therefore, it brings you the strength to overcome everything and start from the bottom if needed.

Sagittarius – Temperance

Jupiter as your ruling planet brings a lot of energy to your zodiac sign. You’re full of life and want to live even on the edge sometimes. A lot of love, a lot of fun, a lot of money, a lot of adrenaline – that’s what you seek.

But there are some moments in life when you need to slow down a bit. Therefore, your tarot card is Temperance. It symbolizes the golden mean, the perfect measure between the extremes, and will help you to find it. That could be your recipe for success in life.

Capricorn – The Devil

The earth element in your zodiac sign, as well as Saturn as your ruling planet, brings you affinity for material things. You are capable of working night and day to make some money. Also, your attitude about life is roundly traditional.

That’s represented with your tarot card too. The Devil symbolizes the temptations that life brings. You need to fight them and don’t forget about the true values. Furthermore, you should try to be more open-minded, cause that’s how you grow up in life.

Aquarius – The Star

Even in the darkest times of your life, you try to think positively. You’re an idealist and helpless romantic. The world of ideas and imagination is where you belong.

Therefore, your tarot card is the Star. It is the most positive card in this spread. It symbolizes hopes and dreams. Your card will bring you the strength to go on living in your own happy world – cause that’s your way to fight bad things in life, so that you can reach for the stars.

Pisces – The Moon

You are the most emotional creature among all zodiac signs. Your moods change just like the tides of the sea. People don’t get you sometimes, but you can’t fight your heart and feelings.

Your tarot card is the Moon. Its energy matches yours perfectly. It gives you the courage to keep on following your instincts no matter what people say. That’s the way you function, and those who love you will always understand you.

Have you found your lucky card? We hope it will help you to improve in any sphere of your life!

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